Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 7 - Around San Antonio

Here we are in San Antonio, with plenty to do.  Our first stop, as planned, was to visit with an old AF skeet shooting friend, who happens to be curator of the NSSA Museum.  I looked through the displays to see a lot of people I know/knew and shot with/against over much of the last 50 years.  En route we stopped at big grocery store to get some Lone Star, as well as something to clean the remains of a bunch of doublebugs (clean name) from the front of the car.

Next adventure was trying to find the Witte Museum.  It was an adventure because I didn't know the correct turn off the freeway - that happens when you leave all your maps at the hotel.  I ended up asking my cell phone to show me the way, which it did! The Witte Museum is kind of the 'museum of everything Texan' in San Antonio.  It has history, wildlife, geology, and more Take a look at some examples:
This fellow greets you outside the museum - take a close look

 An early freight wagon, reproduced

A Comanche warrior, eyed by a big long horn

After lunch at Smoke Shack, a popular BBQ restaurant across the street from the Witte (really delicious brisket, sauce was a bit different from what we're used to) we found our way back to the hotel for a short break.  Then it was back to downtown for a visit to
The Alamo!  But first, Sandra had to have a word with a couple of critters outside a bar:

Once at the Alamo, we found a Missouri flag representing Missourians who fell defending the fort (sorry, no pictures inside the old mission building, last place to fall).  Then we wandered around the grounds taking pictures, hoping to score a prize winner to make up for our paucity of awards at the Mid-Missouri Artists' show.
(About the only time you'll see Bill in a photo)

Now for supper - back to the Riverwalk and Casa Rio.  The critters must have remembered us from yesterday, as we had a lot of help with dinner:

Yeah, those pigeons have beady eyes!

For the day - 45 miles.  Tomorrow we check out, take the Historic Mission drive, and head for Del Rio for the night.

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