Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 13, Home in Warrensburg

Well, we made it back last night, after a 500 mile drive from Guymon. Despite the long drive, we did make a couple of "sightseeing" stops. First one was at Mullinville, KS, home of a folk artist who makes what he calls "totem poles" out of various pieces of metal. They mostly have a message of some sort, and he doesn't like politicians very much. I'll post a few pictures after I recover.

Next stop was in Greensburg, KS - the place that was hit by the massive tornado a couple of years ago and is rebuilding "green." Almost all the debris has been removed and new houses are going up, but the landscape is still barren. Dillon's has opened a combo supermarket/C-store on a major corner, and the new school is going up.

Hit Warrensburg about 4:30 PM, ate dinner & shopped a bit, got Quicken caught up and crashed. Still need more sleep - and to free up some memory on the laptop.

Our slightly-used '09 Malibu performed very well and was comfortable. Here's the stats:
Total miles: 3809.
Gas Mileage: 31.3 mpg
Avg speed: 50 mph

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