Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 7, 7/13/09

Here we are in Page, AZ, where it's 9 PM when it's 11 to us. Today's prime attraction was Grand Canyon north rim. As usual, lots of walking at altitude & heat, and lots of pictures. I said before I left that I'd probably take around 400 pictures; I'm already at over 600 with many photogenic stops. We started the day at Kanab, 3500 ft, got up to 9000 at the north rim, down to under 4000, back up to well over 6000, back down to about 3400 at Lee's Ferry, up to over 6000 crossing the Echo Cliffs, and back down to under 4000 at Page.

Did I say Lee's Ferry? Yes, we visited this historic site where we talked to some folks who will run the river tomorrow. 6 day trip is about $2200/person, but sure looks inviting.

Tomorrow will be Antelope Canyon (slot canyons, very scenic) if we can arrange a trip. Then on to Monument Valley where we hope to get a guided trip again. Tomorrow night, Mexican Hat UT on the San Juan. That looks like it'll be only 200 miles, as opposed to 260 today. Today's gas mileage was well over 30 mpg, with all the downhill travel.

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  1. Got your postcard in the mail today, beautiful scenery! Glad your having a good time.