Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reunion trip, day 4

Day 4 would be the first major reunion activity, but that wouldn't start until evening - so we decide to gallivant some more. First we had a great Southern breakfast at the Pitt Grill, an institution here in LC. Then, it was off to Cameron via Big Lake (what the map calls Calcasieu Lake). First real stop was the visitor center for the Cameron Nat'l Wildlife Refuge, where a diorama showed some of the wildlife that inhabits the marshes. Push a button and a couple of animated Cajun's show up to talk about life on the marshes - you know they're Cajuns because they talk like stereotype Cajuns.

On to Cameron, where houses, government and industrial structures are being rebuilt after Rita & Ike - no commercial development yet, though. Had to wait to cross the Calcasieu since only one ferry is running, so we took a few pictures. Then, along the coast 20 yards from the beach we had to wait on some paving trucks. Finally got to Holly Beach, aka the Cajun Riviera, It was essentially eliminated by the hurricanes. Walked the beach, picked up shells (& even a hard hat). People are rebuilding houses, but most of the streets are empty.

Back to Lake Charles, where we had a good, if late, lunch and Sandra got to visit some thrift shops. Found some books. Evening brought an informal party at the Country Club (where many of our dances were held). Saw folks I hadn't seen for 50 years. Turn out was good, and lots of talking and catching up. Sandra's new camera has its limits!

Saturday is some functions at old Lake Charles High and the LCHS memorial at Lock Park. Then we're off to get caught up before the big dinner tonight. Tomorrow we start home, with a stop at Hodges Garden & Shreveport.

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