Monday, April 18, 2011

Reunion trip, day 7

We left Hope AR about 7 AM and headed for Crater of Diamonds State Park, passing the famous FEMA trailers at Hope Airport - yep, they still have some there. We got to the park as it opened, and joined the others in digging for diamonds. 3 hours later we checked our treasures; they say jasper polishes up quite well, which is good since that's what we're bringing home.

We had lunch in Murfreesboro AR (not too far from Nashville AR) with a great traditional chicken fried steak, then wandered off to the local commercial tourist trap, Ka Do Ha Village. This is a set of ancient mounds, with casts of the skeletons placed as found in the excavations of the mounds. They do have a nice, if small, museum telling about mounds and describing the various artifacts found there & elsewhere. One highlight was a search through a field for finders-keepers artifacts; one lady found 4 small points, we found small pieces of quartz. Oh, and they claim to have the "World's Largest Diamond" - its facets are welded together.

Then, it was drive through the mountains for about 3 hours to a new HIE in Van Buren. Tomorrow we get home!!!

Miles for the day: 199.1 For the trip: 1559.9. Time on road 3:47, plus 5:40 site seeing & lunch.

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