Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 3, May 24, 2016 - Lawton to Pecos (TX)

It was farther than I thought   I made a small mistake in the formula for distance, and drove an extra 40 miles.  Still got here before 4 - went to the laundromat, had a good dinner, and bought some Lone Star.  We survived a thunderstorm at 3 AM, and hit the road by 7:30. Our first stop was a Texas welcome center at Wichita Falls for maps & ideas.  It rained there, too

[gee, I got in a trip photo!]

Most of the day was spent driving past oil wells as the temperature got higher and higher, breaking 100.  Had lunch at Buck's near Big Spring, and supper at an excellent Mexican restaurant here in Pecos.  Finally paying a bit over $2/gallon for gas.

444.9 miles on the day, 1003 for the trip.  Tomorrow to Marfa via Ft. Davis; spending the night at Alpine.

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