Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 9, Monday, May 30, 2016 - Willcox to Holbrook

Well, I had this whole thing written and it disappeared!  Damn laptop.  Here's some pictures with a short comment about each:
Railroad station/visitor center in Clifton, AZ - see the mountains?  We're headed that way.

Clifton has a flock of bighorn sheep wandering around town.

The Morenci mine - it eats mountains looking for copper.

One of dozens of scenic mountain views taken along US-191, the Coronado Scenic Byway - 90 miles of this.

 Holbrook Arizona has rock shops and dinosaurs and petrified wood.

It's on Route 66.  The Wigwam motel has rooms in concrete teepees, with classic cars in front of each.  We're staying across the street in the Globetrotter Lodge - it has better reviews.

Tomorrow we're off to Farmington via AZ-77, N-15 and US-191 to Chinle, N-64 and N-7 to Lukachukai, N-13 thru Chuska Pass, US-491 to Ship Rock and US-64 to Farmington and Aztec.
For the day, 309 miles, 2348 for the trip

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