Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 10, Las Cruces to Taos

Left early & headed for Bandelier; you can drive in before 9, but have to take a shuttle after then.  It's been quite a few years since our last visit, so we noticed a number of changes - upgraded museum in the visitor center and diversion channels to ward off flash floods, which have become more numerous since big fires a few years back.  Kind of chilly when we started by warm by the time we left.

 A view of the ruins
Down the ladder to a cavete

I think all this travel has made someone a bit squirrely?

We left there about 9 & headed for Abiquiu via the lower Chama valley.  First stop was Ghost Ranch, to see the Anthropology & Paleontology museums, a bit small but very ably interpreted by enthusiastic staff.  Scenery was pretty good, too.

Lunch was at Bode's in Abiquiu, where we got the last water before it was cut off.  Then it was up to the plaza in the town, where we took some pictures of the church and visited the local public library; had a good time talking w/ folks there.

Finally, it was off toward Taos via Ojo Caliente & Pilar.  We missed the turn to Georgia O'Keeffe's 'White Place' so no pictures there.  Crossed the Rio Grande at Taos Junction Bridge above Pilar, where we watched a float raft being launched.

Checked into the Sun God Lodge in a different suite from out last two stays there, ate at El Taoseno, bought some local beer, and came back to check emails and more.   Tomorrow is up in the air; searching if we find an idea, otherwise eating & sight seeing.

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