Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 18, Friday, June 19th - Albuquerque Day

Here we are in hot Albuquerque.  After a motel breakfast, we headed back for Old Town.  We stopped for a paper and snacks at Smith's Supermarket, then found a free parking place near the target museum.  Since we arrived before it opened, we walked around the Plaza and did a bit of shopping.

 Church of San Filipe Neri
I'm just amazed at the Plaza
Artillery?  You know Bill has to "shoot" it

The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History is much improved over our last visit.  The new "Only in Albuquerque" gallery is open, with a comprehensive view of the history & culture of the city.  The artsy high heel shoes exhibit I could have done without.
This wolf's eyes follow you around the gallery

Back to the Plaza, lunch at Church Street Cafe (same table, same waiter as last year), bought some T-shirts and a book, took more pictures trying to get some art shots, and back to the motel to escape the heat & do laundry.

 Ivy on a cottonwood

A vendor of turquoise chairs

Walked to supper at Sadie's, near a defunct motel, shared a local beer in the HIE's gazebo while Bill read "The Cimarron Kid" out loud.  This is a 1973 book about the CS ranch in Cimarron, NM - we're going to give it to the "Kid" himself on Sunday.  However, tomorrow is lunch at the Frontier and a Forrest Fenn searcher party.

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