Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 14, Monday, June 15 - Taos to Santa Fe

Another day when things didn't go exactly as planned.  We left early enough going down the High Road, took a few pictures, and got to Tesuque about 10 AM.  Started up toward Ski Santa Fe on back roads, and found that the Google map was a bit misleading - state road ends on a dead-end county road.  Backtrack.  Fortunately, Garmin gave me the road name I wanted, as the road signs didn't.   Up this county road until it turned into a forest service road - maintenance went from bad to worse.  We pulled over for pictures and watched a downbound car bounce it's way toward us.  We decided we were too meek for that jaunt & returned to Tesuque. Another glitch - the cafe Forrest recommended for us to have the ultimate Frito Pie wouldn't start serving lunch for another 40 minutes...

Church at Las Trampas

So, it was off to Santa Fe.  We were able to check in early to the Holiday Inn Express - Cerrillos Rd, had lunch at Tortilla Flats. then went to the Plaza.  First stop was Collected Works Bookstore, where we didn't see the display of Forrest Fenn books we'd seen on a previous trip.  Then it was on to the Art Museum, where we enjoyed the exhibits, compliments of the Culture Passes we'd won in a caption contest, compliments of Stephanie.  From there, we visited the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, where my military retired ID allowed us free access.  Some of the Stieglitz photos of her confirmed she didn't need implants.

Sandra & a donkey, on the street at Santa Fe

This kitty looks pretty real from a distance

We sat on the Plaza for a while & struck up a conversation with some folks who were originally from Lubbock.  Back to the HIE, then dinner at the Blue Corn Cafe, do some laundry,  and plan for tomorrow's museum viewing and, maybe, a visit with Forrest Fenn.

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