Friday, June 16, 2017

Day 14, Friday, June 16 - Weatherford to El Dorado

Had a relatively easy drive today, staying off the interstates and getting in a bit after 3 PM.  Saw our best gas prices of the trip at Enid, OK - paid $1.85/gal! 

The travel highlight of the trip was Caldwell, Kansas.  We put this on the plan because Sandra has some distant relatives here, but we didn't have their address or any other info, so we kind of hoped we'd find them.  We didn't, but we found a gem.  The main street in town looks like many other Kansas towns, only unusually wide even for that state. 

Well, there's a reason for that.  It sits smack dab on the Chisholm Trail, and had plenty of experience with trail drives. 

 Matter of fact, the town is proud of that wild and woolly past, sporting not only this monument to the trail, but also detailed historic signs on the street in front of significant buildings.  One building sports painted figures of sporting ladies in upstairs windows.  And others ... what do you see in this one?
Yes, those figures on that bank building are genuine wild west silhouettes.  Here's a close up:

We had lunch at the Red Barn in Caldwell - lots of pickup trucks and the best hamburger I've had in a while.  All in all, if I had to choose between Lindsborg and Caldwell, I'd go for Caldwell, hands down. 

We proceeded on to  El Dorado, texted the Colonel of my reenacting unit, and joined him for a good Mexican dinner at a downtown restaurant.  Tomorrow's plans include a stop at Ft. Scott (yes, the fort itself), and the Mine Creek Battlefield near Pleasanton, supper at Holden, and home.

255 miles for the day, 2569 for the trip

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