Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 15, Saturday, June 17 - El Dorado - Home

Last day!  We left El Dorado About 7:45, headed for Ft. Scott.   On a comfort break in Iola, we heard people talking about the big storm Friday night - a bit further east we saw some of its effects, including corn shredded by hail.   Roads and streets looked damp all the way in.

Our purpose in stopping at Ft. Scott was, of course, a visit to the Fort.  Staff was talkative, but my camera decided the card was full (it wasn't) and wouldn't let me take more pictures.  A small prairie has been established behind Officers' Row, and I had fun IDing the grasses and flowers.  At the stables, we talked to an interpreter dressed in summer whites - looked good except for the modern glasses.

Up US-69, now a fancy 4-lane, to Pleasanton, where we grabbed a pizza slice at Casey's and headed back to the Mine Creek Battlefield.  My last visit was in October 1989, at the 125th Anniversary reenactment.  The entrance was guarded by this cavalryman:
It now has a modern visitor center with a small gift store and good displays and interpretation.

 It was hot, so I didn't take much of a walk - just shot this picture of the restored prairie:

A couple of stops or supper and groceries, and we're home about 5 PM. Lots of unloading and putting up, and the trip was over.  258 miles for the day, 2826.7 for the trip.

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