Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 9, Sunday, June 11, Santa Fe to Albuquerque

Got  a late start, but that didn't matter.  Our side trip to Tent Rocks ran afoul of a closed road, so we got to Albuquerque early.  Our visit with old friend Larry Harrah was cut short, since he wasn't up to lunch.  Sooo- we headed for Old Town.  A tour of the Plaza featured this picture of some sweet flowers:

And it ended with a stop at one of our favorite book stores, where Bill found 4 more to read at his leisure when we get home.

After lunch at the Frontier (a UNM tradition, but also great food at a reasonable price), wew headed back to the museums near Old Town.  The first one was the NM Museum of Natural History, guarded by these two critters:

The Albuquerque Museum nearby featured a special exhibit on New Mexico in the movies - movies shot in NM, featuring NM subjects (think Billy the Kid), and/or written by NM writers.

We're staying in the Holiday Inn at the airport, way down a long corridor.  Dinner at Village Inn, which turned out to be several cuts above Denny's or Country Kitchen.  Tomorrow it's on to Las Cruces for a couple of days.

For the day: 128 miles, 1450 on the trip.

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