Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4-25-12, Guymon to Las Vegas

A good day of travel & sightseeing.  The area is having a record heat wave, rendering the warm clothes we packed "just in case" superfluous.  Left a decent (brand new) HIE in Guymon at 7:05 AM, CDT.  Took a break in Boise City, where we let a Navajo use our phone - his broke & the pay phones were all dead - found out he was from Gallup after we chatted some.

Then it was on to New Mexico, where it's suddenly an hour earlier.  Hit Raton about 9:30, took a picture to enter in the NM Centennial contest, then stopped at the fancy museum & talked with the curator/ramrod, Mr. Sanchez.  We split a green chile cheeseburger at El Matador (really a stuffed sopapilla) and were both stuffed.  Then, drove to to the NRA Whittington Center - I've been a member since 1966 & had never stopped.  Nice gun museum, and drove to see the skeet ranges. Took a picture of Sandra by a statue of Charlton Heston as "The Scout."

On the road again, again to someplace we'd never been - Ft. Union, a NPS site.  It was an adobe fort, and remains in restored ruins.  It was big.  Took more pictures for the contest - hope I got the right one since I haven't figured how to load pics onto the cell phone from the web.

Final stop is Las Vegas (New Mexico), where we're staying at the HIE in a king suite room.  Drove around trying to get pictures for the contest, and had dinner at the El Rialto in old town - green/red chile enchiladas w/ posole.  Stuffed again.  Food good, service indifferent.

Tomorrow, it's on to Santa Fe, hit the museums & art galleries, sit on the plaza, and take pictures.  Then we'll head for Albuquerque and a stay at Adobe Nido B&B.  Today's toll - 331.4 miles (838.2 for the trip), 9:40 total travel time.  Drove fast so mileage is down to 27.4 mpg.

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