Sunday, April 29, 2012

4-29-12, Albuquerque to Gallup via Jemez & Pueblo Pintado

We were off at 6:30 in the AM (without breakfast) for places we've never been.  North on I-25 to Bernalillo, then NM-550 to San Ysidro.  Our intent was to get some good pictures in the Jemez valley, along with the ruins of the church Jemez State Monument.  We were early, so we continued up to the entry to the Valles Caldera, took some pictures, then headed back to the state monument.  Sandra couldn't find her Culture Pass, so I she didn't get any pictures - but Bill did.  We also toured the Jemez Pueblo visitor center, which was a very nice interpretation.

After this side  trip, we continued on 550 to  Cuba, where we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Cuban Cafe - Sandra's green chile soup was special (& a bit hot).  On to the back roads looking for Pueblo Pintado.  This was an outlying site of the Chaco culture, connected to the canyon by a straight road.  It's an unmanned NPS site, so we were able to wander around & take photos.  Interestingly, the main surviving building ruins look a lot like the ruins of some of the churches at the pueblos.

Got into Gallup about 4 PM and found no decent (read SW cuisine) restaurants open.  Had to eat at Denny's, of all places.  At least it was walking distance from the very nice LaQuinta where we're staying.  For the day, 345 mi, for the trip 1372.6 miles.  Avg 27.5 mpg and 44 mph.

Tomorrow is our 35th Anniversary.  We're heading north to Ship Rock, then thru the Chuska Mtns to Lukachukai & Totsoi trading post, then Chinle at Canyon de Chelly, and finally on to Winslow.

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