Thursday, April 26, 2012

4-26-12, Las Vegas to Albuquerque

Day 3 of our trip.  We left Las Vegas at 7:30 and went south on I-35 to Pecos. where we stopped to see Pecos National Historic Site.  The displays at the visitor center include the history of Man in the SW, with a special section on the Battle of Glorieta, April 1862.  Took more pictures of the kiva and saw the church ruins, which we missed in '04.

Then, it was on to Santa Fe.  Parking $10 (no feeding meters), 2 Culture Passes for $50, and it was off to see the museums - as usual, the state art museum was between exhibits, but the Museum of Folk Arts had a fabulous exhibit - you'll just have to go see it.  Split a blue taco order at the Shed, per tradition - yum - and sat on the plaza watching people.

After 5 hours in Santa Fe we headed to Albuquerque in a strong wind and blowing dust.  Got in & settled at Adobe Nido B&B, then went with our hosts to Los Cuates, a very good restaurant.  I had blue corn enchiladas and Sandra tried a soft taco.  

Tomorrow is Gathering of Nations Powwow, and seeing our friend Larry Harrah for dinner.

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