Saturday, April 28, 2012

4-28-12, Albuquerque Old Town, Museums and the Pueblo Cultural Center

Slept in this AM & joined the other guests at Adobe Nido for breakfast.  One couple was going to Gathering of Nations today & had just returned from visiting much of Indian Country - we had a lot to converse about.  Breakfast was hot cakes, an unusual sausage, and lots of choices for juice, etc.  Then it was off to Old Town for visits to two of our favorite museums - the NM Museum of Natural History and the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History.  The art museum had a very interesting special exhibit of a series of prints by Goya commenting on conditions around 1800.  Much of the museum was closed for new construction.  At the natural history museum we visited our favorite dinosaurs, the asteroid strike display, the volcano & cave (& snatched a kiss in the dark), and jumped up and down to make the seismograph jump.

Lunch was at the Frontier Cafe, a local institution across from UNM.  Then we went to the Pueblo Cultural Center to see the new displays and watch the Spring Dances.  Then, back ot Old Town to sit on the Plaza and visit the shops - those on our postcard list watch for yours.  Dinner at Little Anitas and on back to Adobe Nido for some conversation.

Tomorrow we're off early for Jemez, Cuba, Pueblo Pintado, and the night at Gallup.

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