Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 4, Friday May 9 - Around Taos

Word of the day is "Tired."  After a quick breakfast at McD, we headed for Pilar & the Orilla Verde Rec Area.  10 miles up the road, we came  to the entrance to the Slide Trail.  Got out our hiking sticks & daypacks (for water & camera) and headed up the trail looking for a blaze.  After navigating the slide, we figured that a 79-year-old man with a 42 pound of treasure wouldn't have gone that way.  It's up the hill & back down again, but it was good exercise. 
 Trail view near the Slide

 Rio Grande near Dunn Bridge

Drove down river to Rinconado, where Embudo Creek empties into the Rio Grande.  It was a nice drive, w/ no rational place to search.  Back to town, finding a good lunch at Casa de Valdez. After lunch, we headed to the Plaza, visited all the shops and said "Hi" to the cats at Moby Dickens bookstore. 

 Sandra at the Plaza

 Sandra's artsy pic - a 'ghost' on a steel plate, Dunn Bridge

The we headed north to Arroyo Hondo, where we took the back roads down to the John Dunn Bridge for more  photos and scenery.  A lot of traffic down there.  Finally, we had supper at Orlando's, which seems to be popular - we got there just in time, 10 minutes later we'd have had to wait.

Tid-bits will be later - I said the word was "tired."

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