Monday, May 5, 2014

Expedition to Santa Fe begins tomorrow

Yes, off we'll go in search of treasure and ... hey, any trip down there is a treasure, even if Forrest Fenn's chest eludes us.  We follow much of the Santa Fe Trail tomorrow, through McPherson, Lyons (where Coronado sought treasure & we'll seek his museum), Larned, Dodge City & Sublette, ere we cut off to Liberal and eventually to Guymon in the Oklahoma panhandle. 

On Wednesday, we'll cross the Trail again near Clayton Lake NM (dino trackway!), and a trip through the high plains looking for scenic farmhouse ruins & ghost towns to take more pictures for the next contest.  We'll rejoin the Trail again near Wagon Mound, and off to Las Vegas (the one w/o all the lights).  Following 3 nights will be spent around Taos, before finally making it to Santa Fe on the 11th & 12th.  A couple of nights in the Albuquerque area, a trip to Cuba (that's NM) via Chaco Canyon National Park, and it's on to the Fennboree!

What's a Fennboree you ask?  It's a 2-night camp out/party at the Gallinas Canyon Ranch, located in the back country north of Abiquiu, where we'll swap lies about our search for Mr. Fenn's treasure, consume adult beverages, and have a good old time with people we've met only thru blogs.  See for yourself -

We'll head home via Taos, Raton, Mullinville (KS) & Pratt, arriving on 5/20 so we can be open for Memorial Day.  Along the way we'll be posting daily comments & pictures when suitable - except for our time at Fennboree.  Follow along if you'd like! 

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