Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 5, Saturday, May 10, 2014 - Around Taos

Around Taos, but not too much.  I guess the word of the day is "blah" because that's how Bill felt - weak & headachy, maybe a virus.  However, that did not deter us in our search for good food.  Breakfast & lunch at a local institution, Michael's Kitchen (Anglo breakfast, NM lunch) and dinner at Casa de Valdez.  Voted Case de Valdez our favorite of the trip.

Did a little site-seeing.  Drove out to the top end of the Slide Trail, and found a sign saying "No shooting" which seemed to be honored in the breach.  Bill saw lots of evidence of shooting - 4 different center fire cases, 1 of rimfire, and a bunch of 12 GA - also evidence of "shooting up."  We also visited the Craft & Art Fair at Kit Carson Park - allowed for 2 hours, but only took 15 minutes.

Rested all afternoon, did laundry, and getting ready to rest up for tomorrow's trip to Santa Fe.  Total miles today date about 1200.

Tid-Bits from Sandra:
  • Frame of an old wagon which had a classy chassis: it said Studebaker
  • Rocks and more rocks, mostly big and black, in the Rio Grande & Rio Pueblo de Taos gorges.
  • Visited all the stores around the Plaza and bought nothing but a T-shirt.
  • Cats at Moby Dickens bookstore were upset - they did not approve of the new rug.
  • It appears folks dispose of hippy-painted station wagons & refrigerators over the edge.
  • Hard to find a straight road around Taos - Bill had to pull out the Garmin to find our way back to town for lunch.
Trashed vehicle & appliances in gorge

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