Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 6, Sunday, May 11, 2014: Taos to Santa Fe

The word for today is "sore," as in Bill's left foot.  That's the one that had the bone chip removed last year.  All the walking around museums in Santa Fe did it, but we had to see them today because they all close on Monday.  We recommend the Culture Pass, allows one to visit all the state museums and memorials once a year. 

Left Taos in a leisurely fashion about 8 AM on NM-68, and arrived in Santa Fe about 10 AM - which happens to be when the museums open.  After watching the pigeons on the Plaza, we went to the NM Museum of Art, then the State History Museum and the museum of the Association of American Indian Arts.  We next drove to Museum Hill (right past ff's house) to visit the Folk Art & Native American Art museums.

 Pigeons on the CW memorial on the Plaza

Sandra - Queen of trash (sculpture @ AAIA museum)

Finally got checked in to the Holiday Inn Express, went to dinner at the Blue Corn Cafe/brewpub, and settled in for the evening.  An observation: Santa Fe is not an easy place to get around - even my Garmin got lost!

Tomorrow we visit a certain celebrity, explore areas north of SF, and who knows what trouble adventures we'll get into.  Only 93 miles today, 1303.2 for the trip.  Still running about 18.5 mpg.

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