Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 11, Monday, 9/16/13 - Around Albuquerque

State Fair!  We went to the New Mexico State Fair today.  Toured all the art venues - Hispanic, Native American and Fine Art - tremendous number of excellent pieces in every category in each venue.  Their award system is different from Missouri's, but then, they have so many more quality pieces.

It was crowded today, as well, as it's Senior Appreciation Today.  A lot of medical booths from health pros and those marketing to seniors.  We stopped to ask the Republicans if they were losing votes to the Libertarians in NM, which of course they denied, but it turns out that the lady we talked to (& her daughter) graduated from CMSC in Warrensburg.  We also watched a couple of different Indian dance groups/demos and had an Indian Taco for lunch.

Afterwards we went to old town to buy a dvd of the Hillerman novel, "Coyote Waits."  While there, we bought a couple of books by an author Bill met at the Hillerman Writers Workshop a number of years ago.  Then it was on to the Museum of Natural History, where we looked at the dinosaurs and smooched in the volcano, cave and the Chixulub exhibit (we once saw a couple of museum staff members smooching in there).

Back to Larry's house, in time to go to supper at a very good New Mexican restaurant, Los Cuates, with our Chaser friend, Tim, and his family.  Afterward we played with his personal pin-ball machine collection.  Then it was back to Larry's and to bed.  Tomorrow is up in the air depending on weather.

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