Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 9, Saturday 9/14/13 - Santa Fe

A rainy morning and dry afternoon, which was just fine.  The big event of the day was meeting... But let me keep things in chronological order:

We went back to the Plaza area and found a parking space right across from the cathedral, a good omen.  At 10, we visited the Museum of the Institute of American Indian Arts, which focuses on current artists.  We got in free because of my status as a military veteran (but donated on the way out).  Much of the art displayed gives a rather different viewpoint of cultural relations, including one creatively displaying various stereotypes to be broken.

Then, we stood on the corner waiting for another hunter of the Forrest Fenn Treasure.  He showed up shortly with wife & adult son (with a good camera), and when another hunter & his wife showed, we went to The Shed for lunch and discussion of "the Chase."  Then an older gentleman arrived and seemed to be looking for someone - yes, the legendary Forrest Fenn himself.  Sandra was thrilled, and I think the other hunters were excited as well.   He gave away no clues, but it was a pleasant talk, anyway.

After lunch, we headed for Museum Hill, home of 4 museums.  Our first was the International Folk Art Museum, where we toured exhibits on Japanese kites and chocolate, before visiting the large gallery full of all kinds of folk arts, including a collection of miniatures.  Miniature cities, miniature temples, miniature events - from multiple cultures.  Could take a whole day just to do this gallery.

We then visited the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture which is always excellent (yep, we'd been there before).  Finally we went to Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, which we'd never visited before.  It's laid out in the shape of a Navajo hogan, and had an excellent display of native weaving.  You know, the "Navajo rug," with a lot of history on the evolution of styles, etc., - and the gift shop on the lower level was laid out as a trading post, complete with squeaking floors.

The sky was filled with excellent clouds, so Bill just had to take a picture of the sky with an Apache dancer in the foreground.  Tomorrow, we're off to Albuquerque via Tent Rocks (weather permitting as usual).

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