Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 16, Saturday 9/21/13 - Alamogordo to Roswell

Well, look where we are!  Where even the hotel elevators celebrate the reported 1947 UFO crash.  Besides the UFO museum and the July 4th festival/parade, there are plenty of shops selling UFO-related gear and info, some serious & some humorous.

Outside Roswell, the UFO connection tends to overshadow the great art & culture scene.  We visited the Roswell Museum and Arts Center, which contains a wide variety of art, a Robert Goddard rocketry museum, and an eclectic historical exhibit.  Definitely worth a visit. We also visited the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, featuring exhibits by over 40 years of visiting artists in residence.  Definitely a mixed bag of media, styles & subjects, but also worth a visit.

Back to the beginning - we left Alamogordo early, took a leisurely drive thru Ruidoso to San Patricio, where we visited the Hurd La Rinconada Gallery.  This museum/gallery has many originals by Peter Hurd, his wife Henriette (Wyeth), son Michael and in-laws N.C. and Andrew Wyeth.

Next stop was Lincoln, famous for Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and the Lincoln County War.  The visitor center & museum has been much upgraded since our last visit, and new exhibits are in place in other buildings of this NM State Monument.  The town was full of bikers (no, not the outlaw types, just middle-aged folks who enjoy riding Harleys) exploring during a major rally at nearby Ruidoso.  We also got a picture of one of Carrizozo's painted burros at a Lincoln gallery.

Finally, we headed for Roswell, had lunch, visited the aforementioned attractions, and settled in to our hotel.  Tomorrow we continue the Billy the Kid theme with a stop at Ft. Sumner, where he was killed and, more importantly, site of Bosque Redondo, where Navajo & Mescalero Apaches were interned in the mid 1860s.  We'll continue to Canyon, TX via Clovis NM.

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