Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 7, Thursday 9/12/13 - Around Taos

This trip is a week old already.  Today the weather put a damper on some of our plans, so we spent the day hitting Taos museums.  By my count, 4 art museums, 1 historic hacienda, 5 galleries and assorted shops.  There's an R.C. Gorman museum & gallery where we picked up some cards, calendars & posters.  The major museums you can Google - Museum Association of Taos.  Ate some more good NM cuisine.

Tomorrow is on to Santa Fe via the High Road, weather permitting - there's flooding around various places in NM.  We'll check the weather and head on out.

No pictures for the blog today.  We took some, but generally of the artsy side.   

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