Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 8, Friday 9/13/13 - Taos to Santa Fe

The High Road between Taos & Santa Fe is scenic ... I guess: we were in rain or actually in the clouds for most of it.  The day started with an ominous omen - the motel lacked water pressure and (gasp!) the internet was out.  But, the omens changed as both came back before we left, a good description on how the day was to go.

Breakfast was another misadventure.  Sandra had her first experience with a breakfast burrito, and she was not amused.  Bill thought it was OK, although even half of it was too much to eat; after all, it was just sausage, eggs, hash browns and "green" wrapped in a tortilla.

We passed thru a series of small towns in valleys along the road.  First stop was Las Trampas, where a break in the rain allowed us to shoot some pictures of the Iglesia San Jose de Gracia, dated 1760.  It's adobe, so it's in need of constant maintenance - especially in this very rainy monsoon season. 

Further down the road, we stopped in Chimayo & visited the Santuario, where a miraculous cross appeared in the early 1800s to a community of penitentes.  When it was moved to the local church, it disappeared to be found again at the original site.  A church was built at the site, and is now surrounded by numerous shrines and a few gift shops.  The spot where the cross was found is now a hole in the floor, where pilgrims can take some of the "holy dirt" and pray for healing. (I'm sure I've greatly oversimplified the story - read it yourself).

We got to Santa Fe about 10:30,  checked into the Holiday Inn Express, and headed for the Plaza area.  First stop: The Shed, our traditional lunch spot - and it was crowded.  Sandra had a blue corn taco & Bill a blue corn enchilada plate (with posole).  Then, it was on to the History Museum, always worth a visit, followed by a stop at the state's art museum.  We buy the $25 Culture Pass good at all the state-run museums and State Monuments.  We'll easily get our money's worth out of it.

Now, it was shopping time.  Sandra hit the Dime Store for postcards, another of our Santa Fe traditions.  We walked around, visited some shops & galleries and a book store.  Dinner was at the Blue Corn Brewery - some good beer and chiles relleno (green).  Tomorrow we'll meet some folks near the Plaza for lunch, then visit the Museum Hill museums and prepare for our trip to Albuquerque Sunday.

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