Thursday, May 10, 2012

5-10-12, Santa Rosa to Pratt

Mostly a travel day - first stop was Tucumcari to take  a picture of  the Blue Swallow Motel for the NM Centennial contest.  It's an old Rt 66 motel & is set up to look period with some murals & old cars.

Then it was on to Dalhart, where we bought an 18 pack of Lone Star - we'll take it home intact as we finish our Happy Camper IPA from Santa Fe tonight.  Next stop was lunch at Liberal (refer to day 1 for details), and on to visit M.T. Liggett, the folk artist, at Mullinville,  If you've ever driven past Mullinville (about 10 miles west of Greensburg on US-54), you've likely seen his "totem poles" whirling along the fence lines.  This is our third visit with him, a real character.  Here's a story about him.

Stopped at bustling Greensburg for a snack (& more antifreeze), then drove to the new HIE in Pratt.  Dinner at Playa Azul (mediocre) and a dip in the hot tub.  Tomorrow we go home!  Today 403.9 mi /4115.5 for the trip.  30.7 mpg/53 mph.  330 mi to go!

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