Friday, May 11, 2012

5-11-12, Home in Warrensburg

Yep, we finally got home.  4433.7 miles over 18 days, covering parts of 8 states.  We hit town about 1:30 PM, topped off the tank, picked up the cats, and pulled in at home at 2.  Another hour to offload, get the laundry going, rearrange the cars, reconnect all the electronic devices.  Then a trip to town for supper and some groceries. After supper, Bill got the books caught up so he can reconcile all the charges, and start downloading pictures so we can get them processed if necessary.  Still have a lot of emails to deal with, not to mention the mail.  May get to the magazines & papers by Monday.

Next step is to redo the trip plan to reflect the actual travel, and Sandra will get started on her trip journal.

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