Saturday, May 5, 2012

5-4-2012, Las Vegas

What's the plural of Elvis?  While Bill spent the day at the convention, Sandra caught the shuttle to the "Strip".  She saw 4 Elvis impersonators on a street corner, who dutifully posed for the tourist.  She walked thru several casinos, including the Venetian.  Sounded like a fun trip.

While the platform debate at the convention was boring (there's a reasonn these aren't televised), Bill met a lot of folks from across the country & learned a lot of details the typical party member doesn't hear about the current leadership.  Those votes later Saturday will be as important as the nominee.  The televised debate had only the two front runners, so we got a close look at both of them - the vote is Saturday & could be close.  Then the after-debate parties!

Saturday is another day for Bill at the convention, while Sandra basks in the sun by the pool.  Also, getting rady to pack for a Sunday departure.

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