Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5-9-12, Las Cruces to Santa Rosa

Never let be said Bill has no flexibility in his travel plans.  The 245 mile trip for today ended up going a very different route for 375 miles.  We did go to Ft. Selden, bought some green chile at Hatch, then headed north to TorC (that's Truth or Consequences), talked to a nice Brit lady at the welcome center, then had a great lunch at Maria's Cafe.  Next it was up I-25 to the El Camino Real memorial - have no idea how they packed so much museum into that space.  Next stop, Ft. Craig, near the Battle of Valverde site; the BLM runs this site and had arrows pointing to the centennial picture site.

By then, Bill was concerned about overheating (again!), so we took a 20 mile detour to Socorro for gas & anti-freeze, and returned to US-380 for a cross-country trip to Carrizozo - forget painted ponies, pigs, cows or hound dogs, this town is full of painted burros, appropriate for a town near an old mining district.  Finally, we drove the last 120 miles to Santa Rosa.

For the day, 375.8 miles, 3711.6 for the trip.  Tomorrow it's Tucumcari for a photo, Dalhart for Lone Star, Liberal for lunch, Mullinville for 'totem poles' and Pratt for the night.

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