Monday, May 7, 2012

5-7-12, Phoenix to Tombstone

We really felt safe at dinner in Tombstone - about  a dozen guys in period clothes and wearing 6-shooters came in to join other Masons & half-fill the restaurant.  We 'slept in' until 6 AM, and were rolling about 8.  As it turns out, we had only about 200 miles to go, so we took a detour thinking we'd stop at Kartchner Caverns, but found that tours were $22.50 each - as Emily Littela said, "Never Mind."  Had lunch in Sierra Vista and got to Tombstone about noon.

Tombstone sure knows how to be a tourist trap.  It's set in 1881 and at least 4 different groups stage gun fights (including one at the old O.K. Corral location).  They also have tram rides, stagecoach rides, mine tours, bordello/gambling hall tours (with pictures/short bios of the main participants in each activity).  Not to mention an old courthouse with a gallows.  Most of the locals downtown are dressed to period. 

For the day 197.5 mi/2989.2 for the trip; 29.1 mpg/50 mph avg.  Tomorrow we go to Chiricahua National Monument (where Cochise & Geronimo used to hang out).  Then it's on to Willcox, Lordsburg (think "Stagecoach"), Deming & Las Cruces to see Sandra's Uncle Murray.  We're on the way home, at last.

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