Monday, May 7, 2012

5-6-2012, Las Vegas to Phoenix

Here we are in Phoenix, with the LP convention over & done with.  Pretty much a house-cleaning, but it took forever because the old guard didn't want to let go.  Bill had hoped all would be done by noon, ahead of the 2 PM official end time, but it took til 3, followed by a 300 mile drive in 6 hours (including stops for gas, a traffic jam at Boulder City, and a slight case of overheating).  The area we drove thru between Kingman & Wickenburg, was spectacular in an arid sort of way - lots of saguaros and even a joshua tree forest.  Anyway, here we ar eon the south side of Phoenix, 319 mi on the afternoon, 2791.6 on the trip.  MPG raised to 29.7, speed to 51 mph.

Tomorrow we sleep in a bit, then on to Tombstone for the rest of the day.

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