Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5-2-2012, Kanab to Cedar City

Zion!  What a fantastic park.  On the drive in, we stopped at many cross-bedded sandstone overlooks - this was a desert at one time, so each shift in prevailing wind gave another direction of the rock.  Then, there's alooong tunnel.  Then a series of switchbacks down into the base of the canyon to the visitor center.  Have to go there anyway, because the only ways up the canyon are their bus or hiking, and we got in enough hiking as it was.

Anyway, this was a fantastic photo opportunity, when not gazing in awe at the cliffs and some crazy free climbers going up them.  There are lots of trails, but we took only the paved trail up the Virgin River and one other short one.  Had lunch at a neat cafe in a little town outside the park (took a picture of a hummingbird nesting on an electrical wire), then drove to the Kolob Canyons road sector of the park - more spectacular scenery.

Finally, headed to Cedar city, where we visited a local museum, stayed at the local HIE (room has a double shower!), ate a good Mexican meal (not SW cuisine) and downloaded pictures.  For the day, only 117.3 miles,2133.7 for the trip.  Mileage down to 28.4 mpg due to mountain roads, 45 mph.  Tomorrow to the Little A-Le-Inn in Rachel, then to Vegas & the LP Convention (Bill works/Sandra plays).

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