Sunday, January 29, 2012

The return trip from Little Rock

I returned from the conference on Friday, 1/27. On the return, I confirmed that it was Goat Gap, not Goat Cap. Another interesting sign was the Hound Dawg Holler Flea Market north of Clinton, AR.

Little Rock's River Market area has some attractions, but is mostly bar/restaurants of all types. Just to the west of it is the Old State Capitol museum; to the east is the President Clinton library. I did take a short tour of the Library at a Wednesday evening function; it's mostly an exaltation of his presidency, which I guess one should expect. I couldn't believe the extravagance of the gifts from foreign potentates (these belong to the US, not to any president). Guess I'll have to go back to the Truman Library for a comparison.

The return trip was 337 miles, 36 on Thursday and 301 from Conway to home. Best gas prices I saw in Arkansas were at Clinton, about $3.19 (in Warrensburg, it was $2.99; many AR places were $3.39). Smith's Restaurant in Collins still has great food - but bring cash.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Rock, 1-22-11

Here I am in Little Rock for an Innkeepers Convention. The trip down took 6:20 for 332 miles, including a 30 minute lunch at the Dixie Cafe in Harrison. Now, I'm on the 11th floor of the Peabody Hotel overlooking the old (& the current) state capitol bldgs, illuminated by occasional lightning. Yes, the Peabody has ducks - 1 mallard drake & 4 hens today.

Watchword of the trip is FOG. Definitely thick, too thick to drive at the speed everyone was driving. Temp in the foggy areas was generally 37-38; much colder and it would have been ice fog. Whew. Since Sandra wasn't with me, I had to watch for signs on my own: The Goat Cap (or was it Goat Gap) cafe is closed in Pindall AR. The Bluegrass Cafe (I didn't catch the town) has Bear Wiz on tap. The Lost Cherokee Nation HQ is north of Clinton, AR.

Now, to read thru what's going on the next few days & pick my workshops!