Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost home

Today we drove to Miami OK with only rest stops. Cruised downtown, saw the famous theater, hit the hot tub at the HIE, and will crash early. Tomorrow we drive home, only about 175 miles, pick up the cats, try to get caught up on mail, and plan to mow the lawn. At least it was cool & sunny today.

So far, 2979.1 miles on the trip. Highest gas prices paid were $3.22/ (only bought $10 worth, in Alpine Texas!). Texas prices, in general, were higher than any other state we've been thru,and we drove 880 miles in that state. KS was about 405, NM about 1200.

Friday, May 7, 2010


No post yesterday, because Bill got heat exhaustion from the trip to Big Bend NP in 100+ temps. The place is spectacular, and one day isn't enough. Today we drove to Lubbock, saw the Buddy Holly Center, then on to Altus OK. Tomorrow we may make it home, skipping the museums that were on our list previously, as Bill is still recovering.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ruidoso, Roswell and Ft. Stockton

Left Alamogordo at 7:15 for Ruidoso, where we stopped at the Hubbard Museum to take pictures of the horse statues and see the New Harmonies exhibit (yes, the same one we had in Warrensburg). They also had a special exhibit on prehistoric New Mexico, which made it worth the stop even if they didn't have New Harmonies.

Next it was on to Roswell for the Roswell Art Museum - A very worthwhile stop. We learned of another place we should see in Roswell, which is quite an art colony, if unheralded. No, we did not stop at the UFO museum - they've gotten way to proud of their collection and upped the entry ante.

Drove south thru Artesia and Carlsbad, then a long straight and empty highway to Pecos, then another stretch to Ft. Stockton. Ate Mexican in honor of Cinco de Mayo and explored a bit, finding the remains of the old fort. Staying at a new HIE, 2 nights so we can do Big Bend NP tomorrow without loading all our stuff. Will take plenty of water, Gatorade, and pictures.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

White Sands

Today, May 4, was Las Cruces & White Sands day. In Las Cruces we visited 2 city museums and the NMSU museum. All very interesting - small but informative. Also visited a massive used book store - they have quite a few by authors Bill is collecting, but he forgot to bring his list. Will email it to Uncle Murray and see if he can bring the needed ones up when he visits in June.

We hustled on to White Sands and found out that the evening walk was on. Then into Alamogordo to check in and go to dinner, then back to the sands for evening pictures. Sorry, Bill doesn't have time to process his pictures tonight to show them off - too many to look thru.

Tomorrow we stop at the Hubbard Museum in Ruidoso Downs for some photo ops and to see the music heritage display we worked on in Warrensburg. Then it's on to Roswell for a stop at the art museum (& maybe, the UFO one) and shop for cheap UFO t-shirts. From there, about 4 hours to Ft. Stockton so we can be ready for our trip to Big Bend on Thursday.

Monday, May 3, 2010

On to Las Cruces

Today we left Belen early so we'd have plenty of time. Toured downtown Socorro, then took NM-1 south along the bosque to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Took pictures in the cactus garden to test the macro capability of the new camera - they leave something to be desired, or I've not figured it out. Took a partial tour and then headed south to Truth or Consequences (or TorC as locals call it). Town has always been sort of a resort, so lots of tourist traps along the street.

On to Hatch, famous for chiles (that's hot peppers). Ate an an excellent restaurant called Pepper Pot, then crossed the street to buy some chiles. Then took the back roads to Deming for the Luna-Mimbres Museum. Learned a lot about Mimbres pottery and geodes.

Got to Las Cruces about 4 PM, called Sandra's Uncle Murray, who withhis friend Peggy picked us up and took us to dinner at La Posta in Mesilla (that's the old Spanish town, now touristy). The restaurant has talking parrots - Sandra taught one to cluck like a chicken. They will regret letting her in.

Tomorrow, Uncle Murray and Peggy take us to see a lot of local museums, then it's on to White Sands and Alamogordo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today we toured museums in Albuquerque. First stop was the Museum of Natural History, where they have some excellent exhibits of the age of dinosaurs, including a new T-Rex. The we hurried off to the Pueblo Cultural Center for the Spring Dances. They did a combination of eagle, butterfly & sheep dance. Then they did a circle dance & asked for people to participate - Sandra did. They have a good museum, as well, and the place has been updated with a new gift shop and galleries.

Next stop - lunch at the Frontier Restaurant, a 24/7 institution near UNM. Bill had a bowl of posole and Sandra enchilada plate. Back to the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History, where we saw paintings - Blumenschein, Hurd, but no O'Keeffe. Also history of Albuquerque. Walked thru Old Town, but it was raining off and on, so we didn't spend much time there.

Drove down to Belen for the night. Almost every restaurant is closed on Sundays. We found one that was open - food just O.K., but sopapillas were excellent. Tomorrow, we follow the Rio Grande with stops at Socorro, TorC & Hatch, a side trip to Deming, and on to Las Cruces to meet Sandra's Uncle Murray.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Second Day

Ever looked down on a bluebird? Try walking the rim of Capulin Volcano, in NE New Mexico. Going from 800 feet to climbing at 8000 in a bit over 24 hours - but we made it. Took lots of pictures, here's a few samples. Then it was on to Raton, where we visited Mr. Sanchez who presides proudly over the new museum facility, all done without a cent of state or federal money. Lunch at La Cocina in Raton and supper at Raphael's in Las Vegas (the one without casinos). We are stuffed and happy.

Santa Fe visit

Yesterday was Santa Fe day. We toured 5 museums - the state art museum, Georgia O'Keeffe museum, new state history museum attached to Palace of the Governors, Indian art and the only gallery open at the Folk Art museum. Skipped the reenactment because it was late & cold. We highly recommend the Culture Pass - one visit each to many museums & sites over a full year. Ate at The Shed (again); dinner at Garcia's in Albuquerque.

Pictures are from downtown Santa Fe, including a shot some nice folks took of us, a scene from the Plaza, and a bird at the art museum.

Today is Albuquerque museums - art, natural history (new T-Rex exhibit), Pueblo Cultural Center (it's Spring dance weekend). Lunch at the Frontier, and tonight down to Belen. Weather doesn't look good, as the clouds are covering Sandia Crest.

first day

Tidbits of 1st day:
- Met a man who was including a Betty Boop doll in all his pictures. Met him at Emma Chase Cafe in Cottonwood Falls (see bottom picture).
- Chase County Courthouse spiral stairway - what a slide that would make! (see 2 pictures above it)
- Want more - read the book PrairyErth
- Met artist Erika Nelson with melted dinosaurs all over her truck (See top pictures)
- Visited with artist Mr. Ligget; saw that he had put a steer named Maverick depositing cow patties in a prominent place in Greensburg, protesting the changing of the team mascot from Ricky Ranger. The locals are not amused. He has something to say about almost everything.

From Las Vegas NM

Yep, we're on a trip to the SW again. On the 29th we drove 470 miles to Liberal KS, with stops at Chase County KS (PrairyErth) and Mullinville. The 30th (our 33rd Anniversary) we added 360 more miles, with the big stop at Capulin Volcano National Monument and a visit to some specific spots in Raton. Good food - everywhere! More details after I have a chance to set up some pictures.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost on the road

This trip will feature stops in Chase County KS (see the book PrairyErth by William Least Heat-Moon), and a folk artist in Mullinville, before stopping at Liberal for dinner at the Cattlemen's Cafe and overnight. Next day includes Capulin Volcano and Raton NM. Day 3 is Santa Fe, Day 4 Albuquerque, Day 5 ambling along the Rio Grande to Hatch and Deming. Day 6 is Las Cruces and on to Alamogordo. Day 7 will include Ruidoso, Roswell and on to Ft. Stockton. Day 8 is Big Bend NP (& maybe a float). Day 9 Lubbock and the Buddy Holly Museum. Day 10 includes stops at Norman & Oklahoma City and on to Ponca City. Next day is home.

Bill's new 12MP camera will get a good test this trip.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Planning our next trip

We'll visit the Flint Hills of KS, Capulin Volcano NM, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Roswell and on to the Big Bend country. All we have to do is decide when.

Monday, January 25, 2010

No trip lately

That's right, we've been at home, with nothing but non-scenic day trips, since July. This year's trips planned - PAII in Austin in March, Big Bend and Armed Forces Skeet Shoot in San Antonio in May, and (weather permitting) a little jaunt north of the river for Sandra's birthday.