Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Northwest trip, day 1

No pictures today - it's a travel day. Here we are in O'Neill NE after an uneventful trip , as I stayed on cruise control most of the day. Left at 6 AM, arrived about 4 PM, 497 miles. Took a chance on the Missouri River and crossed at Lexington & St. Joe - it is surely up & out, but not far enough to cause travel problems on US-36. The Platte was also up at York.

Highlights were food - had a great lunch at Mom's Cafe (honest) in Geneva about 20 mi. south of York. Supper was at an authentic Mexican restaurant in O'Neill - La Herradura. Gas was high; here it's $3.55 for 10% ethanol, $3.65 for real gasoline (yes, they have it!).

For details, you'll have to wait for Sandra's journal, after we get back.

Tomorrow we head for Martin SD to drop off something a Lakota left with Sandra years ago. Then it's the Badlands, Wall Drug, and Rapid City. Stay tuned.

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