Thursday, July 7, 2011

Northwest trip, day 3 (Part 1)

Dateline Spearfish SD. Two part dispatch to keep pictures sort-of sorted. Left Rapid City about 7:00 AM heading for Mt. Rushmore. Roads sure a lot better when we last came through here in '74. Got there early, took lots of pictures, most of which you won't see until we get back, but rest assured, George & the boys are still up there.

Then we drove one of those snaking mountain roads heading for Custer State PArk & the wildlife loop, Didn't get too far on the loop before we hit The Herd. As the song said, you definitely can't go roller skating in that crowd. Buffalo (American bison) didn't give a darn about us - generally ignored us as they went about their business (turning grass into meat). Lots and lots of pictures - thru the window, out the sun roof, but definitely not out of the car.

A bit further along we met the burros. They may be "wild" but they are definitely mooches. Also saw a deer and several pronghorns. Went into Custer for lunch - they have painted bison (ala painted cows, etc) around the town. For the rest of the day, see Part 2.

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