Thursday, July 14, 2011

Northwest trip, day 10

Dateline Kamiah, ID - we left Bigfork early, too early as it turned out since the attractions we wanted to see weren't open yet. Stopped at Lolo & did laundry, then up the Lolo pass. This is country that the Nez Perce went through on their attempt to escape to Canada in 1877, and the Lewis & Clark expedition had passed through in 1805-6. Scenic, but low hanging clouds made it hard to see anything. We did pass Ft. Fizzle (Sandra will tell more on that, I'm sure). Stopped at the USFS visitor center at Logan Pass, then descended for almost 100 miles until we reached Kamiah. Stopped along the river we were following and picked up some rocks.

When we arrived at Sandra's cousins (thanks, Garmin), we got to tour some of their property up the hill a bit - very good views, and we talked hunting. Even got a ride on a four-wheeler. Pictures include Sandra before & after her 4-wheeler ride (guess which is which), the river we followed, and a view from her cousin's hillside farm.

Today about 260 miles, total 2568. Tomorrow, it's through Lewiston and on to Yakima, getting ready to go to Mt. Rainier the next day.

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