Friday, July 8, 2011

Northwest trip, day 4

Dateline Billings, MT: What were those tones in Close Encounters? I swear I could hear them in the wind as we visited Devils Tower. Watched the prairie dogs on the way inn and were surrounded by a couple of tour buses of Japanese tourists as we walked part way up the trail - enough to see the climbers far out and above us - they sure looked tiny, and they'd barely gotten started.

We took the "scenic route" on US-212 across southern Montana for 62 miles without on cruise control. Had lunch at a bowling alley/cafe/arcade/casino at Broadus, then many more miles until we reached the Little Big Horn battlefield. Took a tour (with a Crow tour guide - his people served as scouts for Custer), then drove the route, getting a much better idea of how rash and stupid Custer was.

Finally, it was on to Billings, where the QI didn't have a Jacuzzi (TM) like the one in Spearfish. Got our plans for visiting an old friend in Billings and a cousin of Sandra's in Ralston WY.

Todays mileage: 365, total 1410. Time on road/siteseeing about 11 hours.

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