Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Northwest trip, day 15

Dateline Grand Junction, CO: Whew, we did some traveling today, all the way from Elko. LOTS of traffic, especially in construction on I-15 south of Salt Lake City and again on US-6 between Price & Green River UT. We did have some scenery to shoot, including the Bonneville Salt Flats (you know, where the land speed records are set), the Green River at Green River (duh!) and lots of shots out the window of cliffs and rain.

Sandra was a-mazed by the collection of large casino hotels in the middle of the desert at West Wendover, NV, right across the state line from Utah. Apparently Utah does harbor a good supply of gamblers, no matter what the LDS says. She also found the 24' slice of watermelon at Green River to be tasty. "High" point of the day was a 7600+ foot pass, but all the land is high around here.

Today's miles: 510.8, total for trip 4477.8 (looks like we'll go well over 5000 miles). Tomorrow is Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Independence Pass (12,065 ft), Buena Vista and on to Colorado Springs. Hope to see the USAF Academy for the first time since May '74.

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