Sunday, July 17, 2011

Northwest trip, day 13

Dateline Klamath Falls, OR: Today was Crater Lake. We entered from the north side and found that much of the east rim road was closed - too much snow. We got good looks from the overlooks from north, west and southwest. We did one silly thing - we wore shorts! It was not nearly as crowded as other parks we've been to this trip.

This morning we left about 6:20, and drove through bare lava-flow mountains (well, not quite bare, but all their corner posts were wrapped rock piles. After the park, we had lunch at a very good small Mexican restaurant (El Rodeo) just south of the OR-62/US-97 junction. We're in the HIE in Klamath Falls.

Today we drove 270.5 miles, a bit over 8 hours on the road. To date 3522.1 miles.

Tomorrow: Travel day, 430 miles via Lakeview, Winnemucca to Elko NV.

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