Thursday, July 14, 2011

Northwest trip, day 9 pictures

OK, here are some pics. We entered from the east side - found this bear statue where we got gas just outside of Great Falls. Stopped at the visitor center where there was a lot of info about the various tribes that had once shared the Glacier NP area. Then, a nice drive past the glacial (natural) lake & up the Going to the Sun Highway - until the first traffic jam, waiting for traffic downbound to clear the single lane area. At the visitor center Logan Pass, more waiting as the center itself wasn't open yet, the porta-potties subbed for the real thing, and the bighorn ram posed for photo ops. Downbound, two more waits for the upbound cars to pass the two choke points. Finally came out the other side and headed for Bigfork, MT & Sandra's cousin. Great scenery, unnerving traffic - the winter did a lot of damage to the roads.

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