Thursday, July 7, 2011

Northwest trip, day 3 (Part 2)

More pictures: After Custer SP, we drove the Needles Highway - boy were there a lot of motorcycles around. Then it was on to Crazy Horse, with a storm a'brewing. That was definitely a shelf cloud, we folks from Missouri know. The place was a combination of great information, tribute to Lakotas of the past, art & artifacts, and the usual tourist trap stuff. Some great photo ops, though.

We left heading for Deadwood - right into the hail core of that storm. Must have been 2 inches of it on the ground, but it was all small stuff. Sandra wa amazed at Deadwood - kept asking where the casinos were, and I told her that all the places were casinos. Overwhelmed, so we didn't stay. It was a cross of Eureka Springs and Durango. Finally, we took the scenic route to Spearfish, stopping at a couple of waterfalls.

Took us almost 11 hours to go 197 miles. Trip to date 1059.4.

Tomorrow it's Devil's Tower and the Little Big Horn, then on to Billings.

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