Friday, July 15, 2011

Northwest trip, day 11

Dateline Yakima WA: We took a leisurely departure from Sandra's cousins in Kamiah, ID. First stop was a visit to the Nez Perce NHP visitor center where we learned more about this tribe that was friendly & peaceful to white folks until their reservation was unilaterally shrunk in 1877. Worth reading about.

Much of the day was taken with driving up and down hills & canyons that looked like all other hills & canyons we'd visited - no pics whatsoever. Crossed the Snake River twice, and passed through Lewiston & the Tri-cities en route. What we passed through was mostly old volcanic landscapes, highly eroded, However, we did see Mt. Rainier in the distance about 30 miles before Yakima. Tomorrow we pay it a visit - in our Buick Rainier - seems fitting that we brought the SUV on this trip.

Today was 287.8 miles, 7 hours on the road. To date 2873.1 miles.
Tomorrow a round trip to Mt. Rainier, then south to The Dalles and on to Maupin OR.

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