Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 3, Rocky Mountain NP

A real high today - about 12,000 feet along Trail Ridge Road. Hit every visitor center & museum, took lots of pictures. Pretty tired puppies tonight. Windy & cold up there in the alpine region; good thing we wore jeans instead of shorts.

At Steamboat Springs we took a walk to see a spectacular waterfall. The rest of the town was a major tourist trap. Drove thru lots of other mountains, some 9K foot passes, saw the upper reaches of the Colorado River.

We're now at the Holiday Inn in Craig, which is larger & busier than we expected. Big industry around here seems to be cutting the top off a small mountain to feed power plants. Dinner was at El Ranchero; nobody else there but great food.

Tomorrow is Dinosaur National Monument. More pictures!

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  1. What a good looking couple on that mountain. You look like your having a great time. Wish I were with you. It is hot here! I finished painting the eaves on the house, took me 4 days. I hate ladders. Have a great time.