Friday, September 6, 2019

2019 Southwest - Day 2, Friday 9/6

Highlights of the day: Green! and Family

We left Dodge City at 7:30 AM, headed for New Mexico on US-56, roughly following the Cimarron Cutoff of the Santa Fe Trail. This was mostly Llano Estacado country, without many natural landmarks. It's oil country, and center pivot irrigation, as well.  Near Moscow KS, a number of large stacks of alfalfa big bales were collapsing - lots of wasted production.  Elkhart, our last KS town, featured a family of oil pumps in 5 different sizes, all in desert pink.

Our first real landmark was seen from Oklahoma, Rabbit Ears Mountain, a promise of varied terrain.  Clayton NM is the home of this landmark, and also a nearby dino trackway, the latter celebrated by the local Chamber with three old, green taildragger statues. 

From here on, US-56 was mostly empty and parts lined by snow fences; the 60 mph speed limit is a joke.  Gladstone has a single store, a tractor crossing sign, and a sign about hte Goodnight-Loving trail crossing.  Further on we saw a couple  of pipe saguaros (not native to NM). Taylor Springs is where the dry route found a fairly level crossing of the Canadian River.

56 ends at Springer, NM, home of Elida's Cafe and some really great posole (green).  After lunch we headed south on I-25 at about 70 mph, under the speed limit. Got to Las Vegas about 1:30 MDT, checked in at the HIE, and called Sandra's Uncle Murray.  We had a nice visit with his son and extended family, exchanged email & FB info, had dinner at Pino's (big servings, posole disappointing).  Pictures to follow.

On the day: 365.4 miles, 752.2 for the trip.  Santa Fe tomorrow!

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