Saturday, September 7, 2019

2019 Trip SW - Day 3, Las Vegas to Santa Fe

Pulled out of Las Vegas about 8 AM for the 60 scenic miles to Santa Fe.  Buttes, mesas, mountains, a canyon & a CW battlefield - we didn't stop at any, sine we wanted to spend some quiet early time at the Plaza.  We came in on Old Pecos Road to Paseo Peralta and wondered why so many people were walking toward the Plaza.  Oops - why didn't we know this was Fiesta Santa Fe weekend, a major regional event.  Regular streets & parking lots were closed off.  We found a $10 parking place that had the advantage of shade and the disadvantage of a long walk.

Now, about that walk: As we followed the crowd, we passed a statue. Sandra exclaimed "Old Drum!"  Judge for yourself:

That was an appropriate sculpture, as today was the annual Pet Parade.  We caught the tail end of it.

Found our way to the Plaza area. Talk about a crowd!  Vendors of all sorts all around the place; no relaxation there. 

We wandered around killing some time until The Shed opened at 11 for our traditional lunch - turns out they opened early for the big events.

After lunch we visited the IAIA museum and saw some very interesting exhibits, some relating to a theme of reconciliation.

We sprung for the Culture Pass, but visited only one museum, the NM Art Museum.  Great exhibit on Glen Canyon dam and Lake Powell.

Checked in at the Best Western Plus hotel, relaxed a bit, then went for dinner at Tortilla Flats- Sandra had Frito Pie and Bill voted for a bowl of green chile. Bought some local craft beer and just getting   cameras ready for tomorrow.

76.3 miles for the day, 828.6 for the trip.  Tomorrow we're off to Alamosa via Taos, Questa & San Luis. Monday will be a ride on the C&T.

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