Thursday, September 5, 2019

2019 Trip Southwest - Day 1: Warrensburg to Dodge City

Damn - 3 pages of notes, and the laptop deleted them.  I'll edit this to start over later.  Let's say 386 miles, 8 1/2 hours on the road, at the HIE in Dodge City.  Tomorrow it's Las Vegas, NM, and a visit with Sandra's Uncle Murray.

Starting over - Left Warrensburg about 9 AM via BB, SW-200 and, MO-58 to Holden

MO-131: the  old schoolhouse has a new partial coat of paint

MO-2: Infinity Farm, just west of MO131. Wonder what they farm.
Interesting road names, but we know what Old Drum Road means. Blinker Light Rd has a....
Harrisonville has the Twice as Nice Thrift Store and the Burnt District Monument.
Was there a college on Brush College Road? If so, what did it teach?
Just west of Freeman, the Morristown site had a CW battle in Sep. 1861.
Good Times Classics (cars) are found at Westline.

KS-68: KDOT decided to do some maintenance in front of Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary (for BIG cats) - without posting it on their website.
Saw our first oil wells west of K-33, with a silo tree nearby.
A big silo tree resides about a mile east of the Ottawa WM distribution warehouse.

I-35: A good road, little traffic. Yay!
Emporia's Commercial Street Cafe is good and reasonably priced. Took a bit longer to eat, since the lady at the next table was a New Mexico native,  Had to talk a bit.

US-50, all 220+ miles of it:  Into the Flint Hills but no time to stop at Cottonwood Falls or the Prairie Preserve.
Clover Creek Ranch B&B looks prosperous - white fences and red roofs.
A mixed freight train must have derailed a bit east of Newton, based on the residue we saw, includinh scattered hcontainers.
Gas in Newton was $2.19 so we topped off - best price since leaving the Burg.
What is Pete's Puddle? If you guessed pay fishing lake, you're right.
We saw at least three of those big windmill blades, all heading east.
What is that Union Jack doing painted on the side of a barn near Stafford?
Meeksville has The Jerk Rope. Your guess is as good as mine (or better).
A lot of center pivot fields in the Lewis area, including All Star Alfalfa - that's a high-value crop.
Spearville bills itself as the "Home of Windmills and Royal Lancers," the former for the huge windfarm surrounding the town.  The latter? Most likely a team, but one could imagine people intent on tilting with the windmills.
As you come into Dodge City, you'll be greeted by a sign with a lot of steel cowboys on top.
The Bud distributor here has a mural with an old time engine and an "in without knocking" scene.
Wyatt Earp has a couple of statues, but a number of establishment names aremore "Gunsmoke" related.

Tomorow: US-56 to Springer, NM, I-25 to Las Vegas.  Estimated miles 357

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