Sunday, September 8, 2019

2019 trip southwest, Day 4. Santa Fe to Alamosa

We were up really early, which allowed Bill to again replan the last part of the trip.  We won't return to Santa Fe & will skip Albuquerque. So we'll be home Wednesday.

Left Santa Fe at 7:15, and took the bypass to miss all the congestion expected for the big Sunday parade. On our way out on Airport Rd, we saw a gold spire - a Buddhist Temple.  Once we hit the main road,  every concrete abutment & such had the stylized figure of an animal - frogs, deer, quail, lizards, crows, turkeys, roadrunner eating a rattler, etc.

Among other interesting sights: La Pistoleras Cultural Inst, Taos - took a moment to realize this is feminine. An old tanker truck with "RISE UP" painted on its sides,  The Crazy Beaver Bar & Grill in Costillos.

We cut off of NM-68 at Pilar and drove down along the river. It was muddy from rains the night before, which made the rapids look like foamy chocolate milk. 

We crossed the bridge and climbed the switchbacks to the west rim - boy that river looks small!  

We then followed the rim road to US-64 and crossed back into Taos itself.  A little walk around the Plaza, visits to I Love Taos t-shirt shop and op cit books, and it was time for lunch at El Taoseno. This is primarily a locals restaurant, with a sprinkling of  knowledgeable or lucky tourists.  Their 'green' is both tasty and hot.

We left Taos about 12:30 and headed for Alamosa via NM-522 & CO-159.  208 miles on the day, 10366 for the trip.  Tomorrow it's the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, then a 200-mile run to La Junta for the night. 

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