Saturday, July 10, 2021

Day 1 - Warrensburg to Emporia

 The rain persisted when I left the house about 10:25 and headed to Warrensburg to drop off trash and buy some ice.  Yep, the machine at Family Video wasn't performing, so I paid twice as much at the liquor store at South Mall (likely still the 2nd lowest in town). Finally on the road at 11:15, as the rain abated.  First stop was Holden, and lunch at Andele Amigo - wow!  The chile relleno was light and tasty, the way it ought to be. The salsa had bite and wasn't overly tomato-y.  

Pulled out at 11:55, ran south on MO-131 to MO-2, noticing the Rock Island Trail signs at Medford and that the old school building along the road was recently painted.  Turned west on MO-2 toward Harrisonville and the Kansas line.  There's a "Roadway Floods" sign as you dip into the Big Creek bottoms before LaTour - no kidding?!  Further on, I passed Old Drum Road in Cass County, a field of  organic corn, and numerous houses with porches covering several sides of the house.  The blinking light at Blinker Light Road has been removed.

MO-2 is an excellent road west of Harrisonville, with a 60 mph speed limit. The BP tank farm at Freeman is still there, less the tanks lost in a tornado a number of years back.  Crossed into Kansas at 12:50; KS-68 is a pretty good road, as well. Passed a Cold Water Road (is that where they take impractical ideas?), and the Clover Cove tiger sanctuary had a lot of visitors. Louisburg's Agape Thrift Store is in an old church building. Dining customers at the cider mill were eating outside. 

Passed the 5-way roundabout as I got into hilly country. The hills have climbing lanes, but nobody seems to think they're 'slower traffic.'  Speed limit on this section of 2-lane road is 65. One place along the road makes deer stands;  another has a pumpkin-headed scarecrow by the gate. Coming into Ottawa behind trucks exiting the Wal-Mart supply chain (distribution center), one passes Prairie Paws pet resort.

Picked  up I-35 south, was passed by a p/up with 2 colorful kayaks and New Mexico plates. Hit a bad stretch of road around the 170 mm, passed working oil wells at 151. A windmill farm near Lebo was idle.  Someone about 137 mm has a frisbie golf layout.  Got to the Holiday Inn Express early, about 2:30, got into my room an hour later.  Supper buffet at Pizza Ranch, just across the road.

Tomorrow: Cottonwood Falls, Flint Hills scenic byway, a back road from Cassoday to Newton, US-50/54 to Liberal.

Best gas prices seen in each town: Harrisonville Casey's 2.81, Freeman 2.79, Louisburg 2.83, Ottawa 2.89.

Miles for the day & the trip: 161.2

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  1. How do you make notes on all of these details while driving?
    I had no idea that there was a Mexican restaurant in Holden! I'm going to have to pick up dinner!